Postdoctoral Fellowship

Dr. Bartlett's most recent appointent is as a postdoctoral fellow at Oregon State University where he is applying bioinformatic approaches to yeast genomics and smoke taint in wine. He supports three projects: assessing the impact of smoke taint in Wine using thiophenols in combination with volatile phenols as biomarkers, developing bioinformatic tools to describe Brettanomyces bruxellensis in New Zeland wines using whole genome sequencing data, and implement phylogenetic and bioinformatic tools to review genomic traits to identify Komagataeibacter species with the potential to fix nitrogen.

Bjarne Bartlett Headshot

Data Science Fellowship

At The University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa, Bjarne served as a graduate data science fellow for Cyberinfrastructure Training to Advance Climate Science (CI-TRACS). The CI-TRACS program aims to build essential CI skills for the Hawaiʻi-Pacific workforce. As a fellow, he helped with the design and implementation of 10 new, cyberinfrastructure workshops for the university community. Bjarne specialized in data science and bioinformatics, leading campus seminars and developing a dissertation that focused data science tools for: plant genetics and cancer immunogenetics. He also developed tools for interrogating large datasets to research diversity, equity, and inclusion in scientific publishing -- work that was published in Scientometrics.

Research Specialist

Bjarne started his career as a research specialist at Johns Hopkins Ludwig Center for Cancer Research in the lab of Drs. Luis Diaz, Bert Vogelstein, Ken Kinzler, Nickolas Papadopoulos, and Shibin Zhou. In this role, he developed bioinformatic tools to support the discovery of mismatch repair-deficiency as a biomarker for immune checkpoint blockade cancer therapy using Keytruda. It became the first FDA-approved, tumor-agnostic, genetic biomarker for a cancer therapy.

Other Things

Dr. Bartlett enjoys technical projects, and was the General Manager for KTUH, the 7,000-watt student radio station for the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa. He also plays jazz trumpet, restores antique Atwater-Kent tube radios, enjoys bonding with his rescue Chihuahua, and loves camping, hiking and nature.