How altmetrics could help level the playing field for women in STEM

Traditional measures of success favour male researchers. Altmetrics could offer an alternative to help democratize academic evaluation.

Bjarne Bartlett, Julie Fortin, Michael Kantar, Michelle Tseng, and Zia Mehrabi

"Altmetrics (short for "alternative metrics") have emerged as a tool for quantifying the amount of interest a paper garners on digital platforms such as online news and social media. is one of the largest aggregators of altmetric scores, and hundreds of journals now publish the Altmetric Attention Score for individual journal articles."

Because of the democratizing effect of broad online audiences, altmetrics could help level the playing field for women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

KTUH Podcasts

Speaking Science

During this one-week summer program, students learned and implemented principles of public communication and public engagement with respect to science. There are more ways than ever to create connections between people and communicate complicated subjects. This short course developed skills in communicating complex scientific topics to all audiences. Students were introduced to different methods of public communication including writing (magazines, newspapers, and blogs), video (instructional and informative), audio (podcasts and radio). The remainder of the course focused on the development of 2-minute radio shorts that were broadcast on KTUH, the University of Hawaii Student Radio station.


Backyard Aquaponics Research in Waimānalo

MALAMA, stands for “Mini Ahupuaʻa for Lifestyle and Mea'ai through Aquaponics.” This podcast was produced for KTUH in partnership with Ilima Ho-Lastimosa, the Community Coordinator for the Waimanalo Learning Center of the College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources, Dr. Ted Radovich, and Dr. Jane Chung-Do. The MALAMA program seeks community engagement in agriculture and food production through a Native Hawaiian lens. The MALAMA program has built a community aquaponics system and implemented multiple aquaponics workshops.

Island Science

When I have time as a graduate student, I seek to interview interesting people about their professional work on KTUH.